Winona LaDuke, a GOP congressional candidate, calls out the media for calling her a “bitch” and a “disgusting liar”

Winona laDuke is a Republican candidate for Congress in Minnesota.

She is one of several women in Minnesota’s congressional delegation that are fighting for equal pay and pay equity for women in the workplace.

And in an interview with The American Conservatives, she made some pretty controversial remarks about the media.

“They’re gonna tell you, you’re a whore, you stink, you look like a slut.

And then you’re going to go home and go, ‘I’m sorry.

I just couldn’t handle it,'” LaDke said.

“I think that’s so offensive to so many people in this country.

They have a hard time understanding that women who work full-time are just as deserving as men, just as capable of earning equal pay.”

LaDuk’s remarks are part of a larger fight that women in America are waging for equality in the workforce.

In January, the Equal Pay Act of 1963 was signed into law, which is designed to increase the pay of women who are in the same positions as their male colleagues.

Women in the U.S. earn about 70 cents for every dollar a man earns, according to a 2016 study by the U-M Labor Center.

Women are making less than men in virtually every occupation, and many of those positions are paid less than what men can earn.

“Women make less than male CEOs and presidents and people who run the government, so why are we giving them any special rights?

Why is it that women don’t get equal pay?

And they’re not going to ask that,” LaDukes said.

She added, “Women have been in this business for as long as there have been women and have fought for equality for as far back as I can remember.”

LaDonna Higgs, a member of the Minnesota Congressional Black Caucus, is the first woman in the state’s House of Representatives.

Higgs said she is “extremely disappointed” with LaDuc’s comments.

“This is what we expect in the political arena, that people are going to take offense and not listen to you, that’s the last thing we expect from people who are trying to serve our communities,” she said.

Higgings also noted that LaDude’s comments are part a larger conversation about pay equity that she said needs to happen.

“We need to be talking about this issue of pay equity.

This is not something that is new, this is something that’s been going on for a long time,” she added.

In her interview with the American Conservatives last month, LaDuca defended her comments and said that she does not want to be known as a “whore” and that she “didn’t mean to be mean” to LaDonne, who she called a “superb, super smart and funny woman.”

But she said she didn’t mean the comments to be derogatory.

“She’s a very funny person, a very talented person.

I’m just saying that if I have a chance to do something like that, I’m going to do it,” LaDonnie said.

LaDuchas campaign said she did not intend the remarks to be “bitter” and is looking forward to discussing her work on the issue.

“In all my work as a legislator and as a public servant, I’ve been able to put aside my personal issues and come together with the greater good of my constituents and the great state of Minnesota,” LaDanis campaign said in a statement.

“Winona is someone who understands the importance of having an inclusive workplace and believes that we need to make sure all Minnesotans are paid equally, regardless of gender or ethnicity.”

LaSie, the campaign, said that LaDonnys comments “are the latest example of an out-of-touch political establishment that has failed to listen to the voices of Minnesots working women.”

LaDanzs office said in an email that it will continue to focus on her efforts to create jobs and support women in their careers.

LaDonny, the congresswoman, has said she hopes the Equal Wage Act will become law.

In an interview last month with the Minnesota Public Radio, LaDonnnys husband said he is “really happy” that LaDanys legislation is “going to pass,” but that “we still have to work on some of the issues that need to change” and “we’ve got to do that to get to equal pay in Minnesota.”

“We’ve got some work to do, and we have to start right now,” he added.