Why Is Donald Trump Not Going After The Media?

Donald Trump has been at the forefront of the media’s assault on President Trump, but the media has been more effective than any president in the history of the United States at demonizing him.

When Trump is attacking the media for its coverage of him, the media is generally averse to doing so, and even when they are willing to criticize, they often find a way to deflect criticism by pointing out that Trump’s critics are merely the media.

For instance, a recent Politico article on Trump’s feud with the news media noted that “Trump’s defenders say the media isn’t attacking him in the way he wants it to be, and that the media needs to understand that it’s his opponents who are trying to undermine his presidency.”

This is a false dichotomy.

Trump is attacked by both the media and the president of the US for his refusal to take action against his enemies.

Trump has not been a “bad guy” in his own mind, as many media pundits have claimed.

He has been the victim of an organized campaign to delegitimize him.

That campaign has included lies, distortions, and distortions about him, and he has been pilloried and attacked on all sides.

The media’s focus on Trump as a bad guy and a threat to the country has also allowed Trump to avoid any responsibility for the violence that took place on his orders.

The truth is that the violence was the product of the violent and racist policies of the Trump administration.

It is the media that has been guilty of making this up.

If you want to be sure that the mainstream media will never give up on Trump, you need to read the Trump-is-a-bad-guy narrative.

What would you do?