Which universities are best to study in the UK?

The most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom are not the best places to study, according to a survey.

In a new survey published on Wednesday, more than three-quarters of respondents said they would not recommend attending one of the country’s top-ranked institutions in a given year.

And a whopping 70 per cent of those surveyed said they did not think the U.K. should remain a member of the European Union.

The British Medical Journal is one of only two British medical journals that is considered prestigious, having been awarded the title of most-respected publication in the world in 2020.

It has published more than 200 papers and articles on medical issues since it was founded in 1888.

But the survey said it would not be good for Britain if it lost its status as a top-ranking international scientific powerhouse.

“The U.S., China, India and Russia have far more research facilities than the U., UK or Canada, and they are more than capable of producing top-quality work,” said Prof. Ian Watson, of the University of Cambridge, who led the research.

U.K.’s universities are more competitive than those in other countries.

The research showed that while only 22 per cent would recommend attending a U., UK or Canadian university, 74 per cent said they might not do so if they were in the same position.

The survey also suggested that the top-scoring universities in England are a bit more selective than those at the bottom end of the scale.

Only 27 per cent chose the University College London as their top-rated institution, while only 18 per cent selected Cambridge University, the highest number in England.

However, the researchers said they could not say that all universities in Britain were in this position.

They noted that most of the top institutions were located in London, with a number of those located in Birmingham, Birmingham, and Manchester being also ranked highly.

Some of the research has been published in the U, UK, and the U and U-K journals.