Which Hindu newspapers will be next to go out of print?

News channels like Hindustan Times, Times Now and Hindustanslam have been ordered to cease publishing in a bid to keep them alive in a rapidly shrinking media landscape.

A new editorial policy will see all these channels listed on the “disruptive publishing list” by the government, and they will have to comply with “additional measures” to ensure the safety of their content.

As per a press release issued by the minister of state for information technology, Mukul Rohatgi, the policy will ensure that news content and content published on the internet is protected against disruptive publishing.

It will also be mandatory for all news channels to register a “disruption” notification in a “formal manner”.

“The government wants to ensure that every news channel has a safe environment for its content,” Rohatgiri said.

“In case of a disruption, the government is also expected to take appropriate action.”

The guidelines are being implemented through an amendment to the current Digital India Act, which was passed in May 2017.

It aims to ensure digital platforms keep content free of any content that could harm or hurt the reputation of the government or state.

Under the new guidelines, news channels that have a history of disrupting government activities will have their licences revoked.

News channels that are “inciting communal violence” will also face a ban.

The guidelines also make it mandatory for every news channels in the country to register an “additional notice” in a formal manner, including in the form of a notice to subscribers or viewers.

News channel channels are required to register their “disrespectful behaviour” with the government through a public notice.

The list of news channels will be reviewed annually.

The government is currently considering ways to allow news channels like NDTV to stay in the business, but it seems unlikely that the move will be allowed to take place.

NDTV has been facing an onslaught of online attacks and censorship.

NDtv’s anchor Ashish Khetan and editor in chief Rajdeep Sardesai have both faced allegations of anti-national activity, while several journalists have been targeted on social media.