What will it take to get the new Middletown police chief to resign?

Middlettown police Chief John Caulfield is scheduled to testify before a House committee on Thursday in support of his resignation.

Caulfield’s testimony is expected to focus on his interactions with former Mayor Paul J. McNamara and other members of the Police Commission.

The police chief has said he made numerous requests to the Commission for more police officers.

McNamara has said that Caulfields request for additional officers was the catalyst that led to his resignation, but he was forced out of office after a public outcry.

McNamas resignation letter said he “has always believed and will continue to believe” that the Middleston Police Department should be more proactive in dealing with domestic violence.

Middletons attorney said his client was asked to leave his job in the wake of a complaint that he was having sex with his wife and her ex-boyfriend, both of whom were charged with first-degree sexual assault.

The letter from Caulfors attorney, Andrew McAllister, said the investigation into the alleged abuse and sexual misconduct against McNamara began as early as the summer of 2014 and that the woman who made the allegations was ultimately found to be a liar.

“The victim’s allegations were never investigated by the Police Department, the investigation was never opened, the charges were never brought, and there was never any investigation by the District Attorney’s Office,” McAllisters attorney said in the letter.

“It was never reported to the District attorney’s office or any other district attorney’s offices, and it is entirely possible that these events never occurred.”

McNama has said in a statement that he has “never engaged in a relationship with the victim in the workplace and does not recall any conversations regarding sexual misconduct.

However, I am confident in saying that I was not sexually involved in her sexual activities, nor do I recall any conversation in which I offered to provide her alcohol, drugs or other illegal substances.”

McAllisters statement said he is committed to holding the Police Commissioner accountable for the allegations.

After the incident with McNamara, Caulforts resignation letter also said that McNamara “expressed concern” that he would not be able to focus the department on domestic violence and that he believed the department needed a new police chief.

When asked to respond to the letter by reporters, McNamara said in an email that he “never, ever” suggested or expressed a desire to engage in sexual misconduct with his employees.

“The only time I did, was at a board meeting when he asked me to do so,” McNamara wrote.

But, he said, he “did not recall having any sexual conversations or suggestions.”

McAllister also said in his letter that Cufords resignation letter was not accurate.

“I would be remiss to deny the importance of the Commission’s investigation, and its findings, because it is one of the most important aspects of a fair and transparent process,” he wrote.

“If any of you have any questions about that, please contact the Chief of Police and the Director of the District Attorneys Office.”

Middlestone Police Commissioner James Buehrer, who is also a former member of the police commission, issued a statement Thursday saying the commissioner would be speaking with his attorney about the investigation.

Buehrers attorney, Eric Sowards, said he had no further comment.

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