What to Expect in Theaters with the New “The Blacklist” Season 3

Theaters and theater owners are gearing up for another season of The Blacklist.

The show returns for a second season tonight with a premiere on FX.

The first season of the drama was a huge success with over 100 Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination for Best Drama Series.

Now the season is back, but with a new cast and a brand new team of actors, producers and directors.

It looks like the season will be even bigger than the first season.

Here are the things you need to know:1.

Season 3 is on FX:The first season will air on FX tonight at 8 p.m.

ET and will be the most expensive scripted series in history at an estimated $200 million per episode.

It’s an impressive number, but it’s also a drop in the bucket compared to what is coming from Netflix and Amazon.

The season will also be the first time that the series will be shown on broadcast networks.

The series is also coming to AMC, Syfy and Sundance TV.

Here’s what’s coming to those networks:3.

The Blacklists cast will be back:The Blacklists is a series that has garnered a lot of fanfare.

A lot of it has been centered around the characters in this show.

But it’s more than just a love story.

It was also a crime drama, and the show’s cast of characters have a history of being on the wrong side of the law.

In Season 2, we saw the showrunners play some of their most iconic roles and get to play more with the Blacklists main cast.

Here is a look at what the cast of The Crew will be up to in Season 3:4.

This season will include a different villain:The season is set up with two main characters.

One is the villain who is revealed to be the villain in the first two seasons.

The second is a new character who has a history with the group.

The character, dubbed the “The Man,” is a former CIA agent who was a close friend of the Blacklist’s main cast members.

The Man was one of the first people the showrunner Ben Blackman was able to bring on to play a key role in the show.

It is important to note that the season also includes a different cast member than the one we first saw in the original season.

This new character is played by James D’Arcy (the character we first met in the Season 1 finale).5.

This year’s Blacklist season will focus on the group’s relationship with the DEA:This is a big year for The BlackList.

The characters and their relationship with each other will be more central to the plot than ever before.

The group has seen a lot more action and mayhem this season, and Season 3 will likely bring a lot new twists and turns to the characters.

Here we are talking about the upcoming season:6.

A brand new cast member:There are two main castmembers that are returning this season: The cast will include the main cast’s main character and the new character we met in Season 1.

They will also have a few new characters that will be featured in the series, including the one played by actor Rachael Leigh Cook.7.

Season 2 was an explosive ride:There have been some very memorable moments in the Black List season 2 finale.

There is a scene where the Blacklisters are playing poker and it’s just a huge mess.

The way the scene is filmed was such a shocker to the audience.

It showed a lot about the show and how powerful a series it was.

It also showcased some of the writers strengths and weaknesses.

Here were some of my favorite moments from the season:8.

The new Blacklister is more than a baddie:In Season 2 the Black list was also an incredibly powerful force for good.

The main cast had the opportunity to use their own power to do good, but sometimes that power was in their hands, and sometimes that baddie could just kill people.

In this season the BlackList will be a more dynamic force, but they will still be a very powerful force.

Here will be some of those scenes from the Season 2 finale:9.

Season 1 will focus more on the crew:The crew was the main focus of Season 1 and it was one that I personally was rooting for the most.

The cast members of the show have such a unique relationship and I was really rooting for them to have more of a voice.

I am sure fans of the original series will appreciate the way the crew of the crew has grown and changed since Season 1, and I hope that fans of Season 2 can enjoy that growth in the new season.10.

Blackliders most wanted man is back:This season will bring back the man we saw in Season 2.

This time, the man is an old friend of Rachaele’s.

Rachay was played by the