What the world’s first gold mining operation looks like

The world’s biggest gold mining company is to open a new mine in Victorville in southern Queensland.

The company, Largemouth Gold, has set the price for a 1,200 tonne mine in the Kimberley at $5,000 an ounce, about the same price as a gold mine.

The Kimberley is Australia’s second-largest gold producing region and is the largest source of gold in the world.

The mine will employ approximately 1,000 workers.

It is expected to produce 1.5 tonnes of gold every day and will be one of the largest gold mines in the region.

“The world is looking at this new mine as an opportunity to create a world-class mining operation for Victorville,” Largest Gold CEO, Tom Prentice said.

“Victorville is the biggest town in the Goldfields region and the community has always been at the forefront of the mining industry.”

We are excited to be part of a long-term, long-standing relationship with Victorville, and look forward to the future.

“The Victorville site has the capacity to mine up to 4.5 million tonnes of heavy gold ore per year.

Largemouth’s project, called the West Kimberley Gold Prospector, will be completed in 2019.

It will be located about 80 kilometres south of the town of Victorville and will include a mine, port and a water treatment plant.

Langford Gold has an agreement to develop the Largester mine, which will be in the same area.

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