‘They’re like, ‘We love you, but don’t come back’: The latest news from South Sudan

The US military is investigating a complaint that the North Koreans have been sending troops into South Sudan for years.

The report comes after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s regime in January fired a ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan, sending it into the sea and sending tens of thousands of people fleeing to the South.

The North Korean government has denied sending troops to South Sudan and has accused South Sudanese authorities of trying to topple the government.

The United Nations has called on the South Sudan government to take responsibility for the attack.

North Korea also claimed responsibility for an earlier attack that killed two US Marines in South Sudan last month.

“North Korea continues to commit grave violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1718,” said the UN Human Rights Council in a statement.

The council also called on all parties to avoid further escalation in hostilities and to allow the release of all persons held captive in South Africa.

A South Sudan official told the Associated Press that the South Koreans will investigate the claims.

“We are in contact with the US military about this and the US will definitely respond to it,” he said.

The US has not publicly commented on the incident.