The truth about Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia

The president has denied ever discussing a Russian-linked plot to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.

But that hasn’t stopped a barrage of stories from the mainstream media claiming the president is guilty of collusion.

The latest to come from CNN is a piece on the White House’s claim of a Russian plot to influence the election.

The article says: The White House, under President Donald Trump, has repeatedly made clear its belief that Russia was trying to sway the election in favor of his opponent, Hillary Clinton, and has alleged Russian hackers were behind the hacks that resulted in the defeat of Trump’s opponent, former Democratic presidential candidate and now-presidential candidate Jill Stein.

Trump has denied that Russia meddled in the election, but the White Houses statement about alleged Russian efforts is in direct contradiction to the evidence provided by the intelligence community.

In this week’s CNN special, we’ll take a closer look at the claims, which were made on the same day the President signed into law a law imposing sanctions on Russia.

We’ll also dig deeper into the White house’s claims of Russian hacking and delve into what the intelligence officials who testified before Congress last month say is a significant problem with how the White houses assessment of Russian efforts was presented to the American public.

Our investigation will examine the president’s claims about Russian interference, his claims that the hacking occurred before he took office, and the evidence that proves his claims to be false.

The CNN article includes a transcript of the interview with the president, which is included below.

We’ve transcribed and lightly edited this interview for clarity.

CNN: First of all, congratulations.

How is your health?


I’m doing great.

I just came back from a very good trip to England.

We have a great time.

We’re going to have a good, great trip.

I can’t wait.

I will tell you what’s good.

It’s the best trip I’ve ever taken.

CNN (voice-over): The president is expected to spend this weekend with his family.

CNN says he’s expected to hold his first press conference since the Russia controversy broke.

CNN reports he’ll give an update on the health of his health.

CNN’s Jake Tapper says the president will be speaking about the “situation of our country.”

TAPPER: He’s not just going to be here, he’s going to speak to the world about the situation of our nation, he’ll talk about the problems that we have with our democracy, the issues of our economy, our healthcare system, he won’t be here.

The president will say that this was not the Russia of the past.

It was not Russia of last year.

It is Russia of today.

TAPTON: This is President Trump, speaking on CNN’s State of the Union this morning.

President Trump: We’re gonna have a very, very big rally tomorrow in my honor, and I want you to know that.

We are gonna be talking about everything.

The Russians are trying to steal our election.

They want to take the election away from us.

They are trying.

They’re trying.

I said to the FBI director last night, I told him the truth, I said, “You’re not doing your job.”

We’re trying to do our job.

We need to get this done, and it will be done.

CNN has also published a transcript that includes audio of the President talking about the Russia investigation.

Here are some excerpts from the audio.

Tapper: Do you have any reason to believe that the Russians were trying to influence your decision to pick Mike Flynn as your national security adviser?

TRUMP: No, no, no.

I didn’t say that.

TAPE: Are you aware of any intelligence that indicates that any of the Russians attempted to influence or influence the outcome of the 2016 election?

TRUMP, addressing Tapper, Feb. 3, 2017: No.

I think we’re doing our jobs.

We do our jobs, we’re being very transparent about our jobs and we’re getting it done.

TAPP: Do the Democrats want to see evidence of that?


TAP: They’re gonna find out.

We will have a big rally next week, we will have big rallies.

I want to tell you something.

We were able to stop this election before it even started.

I don’t know what else they can do.

And they’re gonna be able to take it away from me.

They don’t have the votes.

I mean, they have the voting machines, they don’t.

You can’t even get them in the states.

We got the votes, and we’ll do it.

Tapp: The President is scheduled to speak about the election tomorrow morning at the White Castle in Washington, D.C. CNN is also reporting that he will be hosting a series of events in the next few weeks, including a reception at the Trump International Hotel in Washington.