‘The truth about coal’: Inside the mines where the coal is mined and how it is mined

It’s a story that would make an Oscar contender.

A man walks down a dirt road near the mines in West Virginia, United States.

The town of Eversource was founded in 1862 and in 2017, the company acquired the mining rights for $1.5bn (£1.3bn).

But the story of how coal is made and how the mining industry is run are as important as the mines themselves.

Here are the basics:How do miners mine coal?

Coal is the main source of power in most of the world.

Coal is a fossil fuel.

The amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from burning it is the biggest contributor to global warming.

It’s also the main reason why the world’s coal fleet is in decline.

Why does the world burn coal?

The coal used in making electricity is very dirty and is the largest contributor to climate change.

It is also used to power cars, homes and factories.

How is coal mined?

The coal that makes up most of our electricity is mined in the US.

The US is the world leader in coal mining and, in recent years, it has become a leader in other coal-producing nations as well.

In the United States, the coal industry is divided into three main parts: power plants, mines and railroads.

Power plants produce electricity in the form of electricity.

Power plants burn coal to generate electricity and heat their facilities.

The coal the coal plants burn is the most expensive to mine, but is also the most important to mine.

Coal mines can be small or large, and in some cases, they’re run by family or corporations.

There are different types of coal mined: coal mined in Canada and South Africa is referred to as hard coal and in China it’s called coal dust.

In many places around the world, coal mines are owned and operated by the state.

In many of these countries, the mining companies are private businesses that are owned by the government.

What’s the difference between coal mined by the US and coal mined overseas?

There are differences between coal mines and coal mines that are operated by companies that are private.

Coal mined in a US mine is mined on a regular basis, meaning it’s usually in the ground.

Coal mining is a very intensive process and it takes place on a continuous basis.

The coal is loaded onto trains and taken to the mine to be processed.

Once the coal has been processed, it is shipped to the port and then to a coal port.

In China, coal is transported via rail from the mines to the city of Wuhan in the south of the country.

The city has the biggest coal port in the world and it has an estimated capacity of 60,000 tonnes of coal per day.

In Wuhans biggest coal-mining city, Xiamen, there are over 8,000 coal mines.

Where does the coal come from?

The US has the world largest coal reserves and is one of the major coal producers in the planet.

But the US mines the most coal in the country, with the UK and Australia accounting for the majority of the US coal supply.

China has the largest reserves in the developed world and is also one of America’s major coal exporters.

It has the second largest reserves, but also has the lowest output per unit of coal.

In India, the world number one coal producer, coal exports are the most significant export source, accounting for about 15% of the nation’s total coal exports.

The US is also a major exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is used in the construction of ships and other ships, as well as in electric vehicles.

Coal, too, is a major source of LNG.

What do coal miners get paid for their work?

Mining is a highly-skilled job.

Mining involves digging a hole and drilling into a rock.

It can take years of work to get a well to the bottom of a mine, and sometimes even decades to get the job done.

Mining can also involve drilling holes to reach underground reserves of coal and transporting the coal to the surface.

The wages paid to miners vary depending on the location, but are typically higher in the north and south of America, where they can earn between $2 and $5 an hour.

In Europe, the most common wage is around $1 an hour, and even in Russia, the pay is slightly higher.

In Australia, the highest paid workers earn around $20 an hour and in Canada, around $15 an hour according to the Bureau of Statistics.

In Africa, the biggest wages paid are in sub-Saharan Africa.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the average salary is about $15.

In Ghana, $15 per hour.

In Nigeria, the median wage is about half of the median salary in the United Kingdom.

The UK pays about $6 an hour in the capital, London, and about $4.70 in the South East, where the rest of the UK is based.