‘The best-known man in the country’ of the ‘fantastic’ newton report: RTE

A new report on Ireland’s top ten most famous people from 1900-1925 has found the country’s most famous man, the great John Milton, was also a “man of letters”.

The report, which also examined the “best known man in Ireland”, concluded that “everywhere in Ireland in 1900-25 was a man of letters”, with the greatest concentration in the capital Dublin and the south of the country.

Its co-author, John Gough, who is professor of history at Trinity College Dublin, said: “The people who lived most intimately with John Milton in his lifetime were the people who wrote his books and spoke his poetry.”

The greatest poets and writers of his day were the same people who became his biggest fans.

“Professor Gough said that despite being a man who had a great interest in philosophy, “the most important part of his life was his writing”.

The first published edition of Milton’s “A Modest Proposal for a Republic” was published in 1819.

Since then, he has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, becoming a global cultural icon.

However, his influence was also felt in the political world, with his works being cited by political leaders, including John Gormley and Winston Churchill.

The most famous person in Ireland was not only a man but also a poet, a political leader and a popular novelist.

The report was published by the Irish Historical Society and was commissioned by the RTE broadcaster.

Professor Gaugh said:”The great literary man John Milton was also, at times, a great political leader.”

He was a member of the Irish parliament and he was a prominent leader in the Republic.”

His influence on Irish politics and his work on Ireland in the twentieth century can be found in many places, including in the most popular political novels of that era.

“The report also found that, of the most famous Irish people in the early 20th century, only “The Duke of Wellington” was “the best-loved man in America”.