The best and worst of Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max models

Apple has just released the new iPhone and iPad models for the holidays.

The most interesting new features of the iPhones are their screen sizes.

They are 5.5-inches, 5.7-inches and 5.9-inches (though the latter is still 4:3).

They also have a higher resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 (now at 1,920 x 1:1) on the 5.1-inch model.

The new iPad models have a similar resolution of 1,640 x 768 (at 1,280 x 800) on a smaller screen.

The iPhone X is 5.15-inches long, and the XS has a 5.2-inch screen.

In comparison, the iPad Air and iPad Pro both have a 5-inch and 5-in-1 screen.

But the iPhone X and Xs Max are bigger, and they have larger displays.

The 5.3-inch iPhone X has a 4.7mm thickness and the 5-incher iPhone Xs is a 5mm thick.

The 3.7 and 3.8-inch iPad Pros have a 3mm thickness, but the 3.9 and 4.3 inch iPad Pros are thinner and thinner.

The biggest difference between the two devices is the screen size.

The 4.4-inch iPhones Max and 5 have a 6.1mm thickness while the 5 and 6-inch Xs have a 4mm.

The iPad Mini 4 has a 2.9mm thickness.

The 1.7 iPhone X with a 5 inch screen is a little more than the 1.6-inch, but it’s not really a big difference.

It’s about a third thicker than the 5 inch iPad Air 2.5, but just a touch thicker than its predecessor.

And the 1-inch 2.7 iPad Pro with a 3.6 inch screen has a little less than the 2.8 inch, but still a big step up.

In general, the X and S models have more screen space.

But Apple’s design is much nicer on the iPhone.

It looks like it’s made of glass.

There are also new materials, like the iPhone’s metallic body.

The X and XL models have an aluminum unibody, while the Xs has an aluminum back.

The Max and X Plus come in either the metal or glass versions.

The screen is also more reflective.

There’s also a new, more premium look to the new iPhones.

Apple’s always had a knack for taking cues from other tech companies.

They often make some of the most beautiful phones on the market.

The MacBook Air is a great example.

But its body design has a lot of subtlety and sophistication to it.

It has a sleek look and the matte finish of the aluminum design is really nice.

Apple has taken a different approach with the new X models.

The metal body is sleek and polished, and there are some nice touches like the LED flash.

But you also get a more premium aesthetic and design that’s almost a bit more expensive.

And if you look at the front of the X models, you’ll notice the same matte finish on the edges of the glass.

The front of Apple Watch Series 3 is also matte and glossy.

The two new Xs and X Pros are just about the only models with the same look and feel.

And while they’re still a bit larger than the original X, they’re a little bit thinner.

In other words, you get a little bigger screen, but a smaller and smaller display.

Apple says they’re able to keep the screen sizes down because they’re not going to overdo it.

“We’ve made the X series smaller to help keep screen sizes low,” said David Jaffe, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“With the X, we can be sure that the display is as beautiful and as crisp as the most iconic Apple Watch and Apple Pencil.

That’s a key benefit of a smaller display.”

The new iPhones and X models are just a few more inches longer than the iPhone 7 Plus.

They’re also thinner.

And Apple says the thinner Xs Plus has a thinner bezel that helps reduce the gap between the phone and the screen.

There is one big downside to the X line: Apple’s redesigned the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 with more rounded edges.

That means they’re thinner, too.

“There’s no doubt that the X Series is the most premium iPhone to date,” said Jason Tew, a research analyst at Jefferies.

“But they’re also one of the smallest iPhone models we’ve seen in years.

Apple is going to have to adjust to that to be able to deliver the performance and design features it needs.”

The X series isn’t just thinner.

It also includes the iPhone 8, which is thinner than the X Xs.

That model also includes an OLED display, but Apple says it’s better than the OLED panels in the X. So the X is also