The 10 Best Comedy Clubs in Philly

We all know that Philly is home to the best comedy clubs, and The Philadelphians Comedy Club has a reputation for being a great place to catch some laughs.

It also has a strong alumni base, as evidenced by the recent inductees into the Philadelphia Improv Hall of Fame.

But why is this Philly-based comedy club one of the best?

We asked Philadelphi Daily News writer Paul Mazzella to pick the top 10 best comedy spots in Philadelphia.

So if you’re looking for a local comedy scene, or just an open mic night in the middle of nowhere, you’re in the right place.

#1 – The Comedy Store at The Comedy Shop in the Old CityThe Comedy Store is an old-school comedy club in the heart of the Old Town, just a few blocks from the Penn Station, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Pennsylvania Statehouse.

The venue was founded in 1869 by actor and comedian Billy Preston.

Its name comes from Preston’s role as a member of the famed Philadelphia crew, The Peeks.

The club has become known for hosting great events like The Comedy Festival, the annual Comedy Showcase, and its annual Big Fun.

The Comedy Warehouse has a huge bar, a big stage, and a huge dance floor.

But its true magic comes from its great location.

You can go to The Comedy in the early morning hours, or go early in the evening.

The store is also located in the Historic North End neighborhood, which is perfect for catching the show.

#2 – The Red Room at the Old PortPhiladelphia’s Old Port has always been known as one of Philadelphia’s most lively spots for nightlife, and that has definitely been evident at The Red.

Located in the former Navy dock, The Red is home a huge number of events, including the annual Beer Week, the local Philly Beerfest, the Philly Beer Week Craft Beer Festival, and other events.

The Red has been the site of plenty of comedy, and even a live music night on Saturdays.

But The Red’s most memorable night is probably its annual Comedy Night, which features acts like The Roots, John Mayer, and others.

The night ends with a live comedy show that is a staple at the venue.

#3 – The Rockin’ Saloon at the Pabst TheatreIn addition to the comedy shows and live music at The Rock, there are also many other events happening in the area, like the annual Philly Beer Fest and the annual Philadelphia Beer Week craft beer festival.

The Rock is located on the eastern edge of the city, and is one of many spots that hosts live music.

Its location makes it ideal for catching live comedy or even a comedy show.

For more live music, head over to the nearby bar.

#4 – The Philadelphia Theatre at The City HallThis city-wide arts and entertainment venue was first opened in 1878 by a man named Henry H. “Hank” Hanks, a prominent Philadelphia merchant and entrepreneur.

The building was designed by architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who was also a famous architect.

The theatre has a grand piano and is famous for being one of only three remaining piano halls in the world.

There are also numerous stages for performing arts and other shows, and some of the most popular shows in Philadelphia include the annual Pennsylvania State Fair and the PhilaMOCA comedy show, which has become a staple of the event.

Philadelphia Theatre is located in South Philly and has hosted many events, from the annual PhilaMusic Festival to the annual Penn & Delaware Summer Nights.

#5 – The Theatre at the Penn &aggs at the Pennsylvania StadiumOne of the oldest buildings in the country, The Penn &ags is home of the Philadelphia Eagles football team.

The Theatre is known for being the home of Philadelphia Eagles games, and many of them are held at the stadium.

The Penn& Aggs also hosts several events, and their most popular one is the annual PENN &amp.

Delaware Summer Fest.

This is one night when a few of the biggest Philadelphia sports stars gather at the Stadium to sing, dance, and do some rockabilly.

The PA has also hosted the annual Great American Beer Festival.

The last time the Eagles played the stadium was in 1972.

#6 – The Penn Theatre at Carnegie HallIn 1876, Carnegie Hall was the first building to open to the public in Philadelphia, and in fact it was the only building in the city to open in 1876.

Carnegie Hall is the oldest continuously operated building in Philadelphia and hosts many events.

It is also home to a number of other notable figures, including actor John Belushi, singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, and more.

Carnegie Theatre is also known for having the longest standing and most iconic bar in the U.S. The Pennsylvania Theater is located just a couple blocks away from the Pennsylvania Armory, which holds the city’s most powerful weapons.

#7 – The Improv Studio at the University of PennsylvaniaThe University of Pittsburgh