NWS’ latest forecast of storm surge for NSW: Report

Updated Posted May 01, 2018 03:18:53 The National Weather Service’s latest forecast for the Sydney and Melbourne metropolitan areas shows Sydney’s storm surge could reach a record high of nearly 9 metres and Melbourne’s record storm surge at almost 3 metres.

The forecast, released on Monday, is based on new data released by the Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

It shows that Sydney’s flood risk has dropped to a record low of 7.3 per cent, Melbourne’s is up to 7.9 per cent and the National Council for Civilian Emergency Management’s forecast for Sydney is up from 5.5 per cent.

Sydney’s flood danger has fallen to a new record low (7.3%) pic.twitter.com/zgWXlPbGzQ — ABC News (@ABC) May 01, 2017The National Council on Civilian Emergencies said it was also looking forward to the possibility of more severe storms hitting Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

“The NSW Bureau of Meterology has released a very important flood warning which suggests a record flood risk in Sydney, but a lower flood risk for Brisbane,” the council’s president, Chris Tamblyn, said.

“[The report] shows a significant drop in flood risk, and that’s the biggest concern in terms of people needing to evacuate.”

The council also said it would be looking at what steps it could take to increase flood risk.

On Sunday, the NSW government declared the Sydney River a state of emergency, and advised people to evacuate the city, surrounding towns and villages.

Tamblyn said the council would be monitoring the situation.

He said the state of the river was important, but there were some things it could do to help people.

“If the river is really really, really bad then you could try to get out of the area,” he said.

“That would be a really good idea if you have any kind of infrastructure.

If the river does become really bad, then you need to think about the river itself.

People should know they can get out if they need to.”

The council said it had been working with the city of Sydney to make sure it could make an immediate impact on people.

However, it said there were issues it needed to work through.

A total of five flood warnings were issued in Sydney this weekend, including the following warnings for the Melbourne CBD: Flooding is expected to become a more significant problem in Melbourne this week.

Residents should plan to evacuate as early as possible if flood risk is expected.