NFL team that lost game, but made a comeback wins in a shootout

BY ANTHONY BUCKNER-BROWN, ABC News The Denver Broncos’ comeback bid in Sunday’s overtime victory over the San Diego Chargers is over.

The team was outscored 24-3 in overtime after a 35-14 defeat, the Chargers winning in overtime on a last-second field goal by wide receiver Michael Crabtree.

“We know we’re not going to be back,” Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said.

The Broncos have gone 3-1 since the bye week.

Quarterback Trevor Siemian threw for just 180 yards with no touchdowns and two interceptions.

He was sacked four times.

Quarterbacks Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch went 4-of-16 for 80 yards.

The Chargers went 8-of, completing only 6 of 22 passes for 74 yards and two touchdowns.

The loss is Denver’s fourth in the last five games and its fifth straight defeat.

“I know they have the best quarterback in the league in Trevor Siemien, and that’s not to say I like his game,” Kubiak told reporters.

“But he’s going to get better.”

The Broncos also had quarterback Brandon Weeden thrown to the wolves in the fourth quarter.

They were up 30-27 with just over three minutes remaining, but Siemian fumbled on a run to the right side of the field, and the Chargers converted a fourth-and-1 at the Chargers 20.

Denver ran the ball for an 8-yard touchdown, but the Chargers couldn’t convert on their next drive and the Broncos tied the game on a field goal.

Denver coach Gary Peters said that the Broncos should have scored on the next drive if not for a missed tackle by running back Danny Woodhead.

The injury of quarterback Brock Ossoff to a hamstring injury is another big reason the Broncos are struggling.

Ossofs absence forced the Broncos to use the backup quarterback for two quarters.

The backup, Josh McCown, had only two carries for 16 yards.

“The biggest thing that hurts us, obviously, is the backup’s not going, so that’s why we have to use our backups and our backups have to make plays,” Kubcai said.

“When we play a team like San Diego, they have great defensive backs and they have guys who can play in space.

So if we’re playing against them, we have an opportunity to win.

And we can’t lose.”

It was Siemian who had the last say, as the Chargers tied it with 2:14 remaining.

The quarterback took a handoff and took off for a 52-yard gain, but he was intercepted by Philip Rivers at the 1.

Siemian, however, kept his cool and completed his comeback with a 13-yard TD pass to Emmanuel Sanders.

The game went to overtime when the Chargers lost a close game in overtime.

It was the third time this season the Chargers have come back from a 4-8 start.

In their previous three games, they had lost by a combined score of 20-6.

Kubiak and his staff have to be pleased with the performance of their starters.

“It’s just a team effort,” Kubi said.

“(We) did the right thing on the field.

I think we played well in the first half, and then in the second half we just gave up too many points.

That’s the bottom line.

The next drive was our game.”