Midland’s Daily News: ‘We want to make sure we are not just putting our hands on our ears and saying, ‘You’re doing the right thing, you’re doing a good job, this is not the end of the world’

Midland, Texas-based Midland Daily News is planning to publish a new daily news publication in late August, a move that would make it the first Midland news publisher to take the plunge into digital journalism.

The publisher announced the plan in a statement, calling it an “important step forward for our digital business and our employees” in a time of digital disruption and “new opportunities for media.”

“We are excited to be taking the next step towards making Midland daily newspapers more than just an information source,” Midland said in a press release.

“We believe that we can build a successful newspaper and our readers can be confident in the information that we are providing.”

“In order to be successful, we must continue to build the Midland community and our community, so it’s an exciting time to be here,” Midlands chief executive John Leggett said in the release.

A statement from Midland did not mention the title or publication of the new publication.

“I’m pleased to announce that Midland will soon be publishing a new online publication,” Leggetts statement reads.

“The Midland newspaper will be called MidlandDailyNews, and it will be published on August 22, 2019.

It will be a standalone publication, meaning it will not rely on the Midlands Daily News website or our print editions.

We want to continue to serve our readers, and to continue providing the Midlanders with a wide range of news, information, and entertainment.”

MidlandNews will also be a platform for Midland residents and visitors to connect with one another, the statement reads, and will be an “ongoing platform for us to provide our community with an outlet to share their opinions, ideas, and experiences.”

Leggets statement does not specifically mention whether the MidlanderNews publication will be written entirely in Midland or in other languages.

The Midland City Council is currently working on a resolution that would provide for a new publication of Midlanddailynews, the Midlake Independent, which Midland currently publishes.

The resolution would establish the MidllandersDailyNews.com, a website that would be open to any Midland resident, visitor, or Midland business owner to register and create an account.

A similar site has been created for Midlerville, where the City Council created a community forum that allows residents to register, share and comment on topics such as health, safety, and social issues.

A spokesperson for the MidlaneCity.com said the community forum would remain open to anyone interested in participating, though it was expected to be closed in August.