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A photo of a woman holding up a sign saying, “We will not be silenced” to a crowd of protesters outside a local school has gone viral.

Lufkin, Texas (AP) A photo has gone around the Internet showing a woman waving a sign that says, “No more silencing us.

No more silence.”

A photo of the woman holding a sign outside a Lufkins High School in Lufkes, Texas.

The woman is wearing a shirt that says “No More Silence” and is speaking to a group of about a dozen students who were holding up signs saying, ‘No more silence.’

The sign has been shared more than 4,000 times on social media.

The young woman, who did not give her name, is wearing the shirt with the slogan, “I want you to stop.


No More Silence.”

The photo has gained more than 7,000 likes on Instagram and more than 13,000 on Facebook.

On Wednesday, she posted the photo on her Facebook page.

She says she’s been told by her teachers to wear the shirt for the duration of the protest and to stay there during the protest, according to the Lufks Daily News.

She said she’s going to stay at the protest site to keep it going.

I think it’s important to say that we will not go quietly.

A video posted to the video sharing site shows a large crowd of students marching towards the school.

At one point, a man wearing a white shirt and black pants can be seen standing in front of the group and holding up the sign.

The man, who is holding the sign, is heard saying, I want to go out there and protest the violence of our police and the injustice of our government.

In another photo, the woman is holding a poster with a black shirt that reads, “This is what I want you all to know.”

Another photo posted to Facebook shows a young man holding up another sign saying “Stop the Silence.”

The young man is holding up his sign with the phrase “NoMoreSilence” in the middle.

Police are standing by outside the school where the woman was protesting.

A police officer was seen holding a gun to his head and shouting at the group of students who had gathered outside.

“This is how you get control of your own bodies,” he said, according the Looch, Texas, Morning Express newspaper.

“You can’t control your own people.

You need to use your power.”