How to turn a $50 million deal into $60 million by turning a $5 million deal in an arena deal into a $40 million deal

The New York Times reported Friday that the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets have signed a $3 million, four-year, $80 million extension.

Per, the deal will bring the two teams together for 10 years.

It’s the largest contract in the history of the two franchises.

Houston and the Knicks have played in different arenas for many years.

The Houston Rockets are currently playing in the Toyota Center in Houston.

The Knicks will be playing in a renovated MSG Center in New York.

Both teams will play in the arena that the Houston Rockets used as a practice facility for the Houston Astros.

The deal is expected to be worth $20 million per year over four years.

The deal also includes $2 million for the first year, $4 million for each of the next four years, and $2.5 million per of the remaining five years.

According to, the Knicks will have a total salary cap of $75 million over the next two seasons.

The New York Post reported that the deal could be worth as much as $70 million per season.

The Knicks are currently $2 billion under the luxury tax threshold.

That would allow the team to exceed the tax cap to the point that the Knicks could go over it without having to pay any additional taxes.