How to get around in Wapakons’ parking lot: A video guide

The Wapaks have long been a fixture on the local scene, but the community has seen its own transformation over the years, as a diverse group of artists and residents have moved in and out of the neighborhood.

That’s the main focus of a new video posted by local artists and resident Mike Ritter to help residents navigate the Wapacks parking lot.

Ritter says the video is intended to help the community better understand how the community is living.

He calls it a way for the community to understand the people they’re dealing with.

“We don’t know exactly what is happening in the Wapekons, so this is a way to help us understand what we’re dealing on a day-to-day basis,” Ritter said.

“And we can be proactive about it and get out in front of it and not let the residents be a hindrance.”

The video, entitled ‘How to Get Around in Wapeck’s Parking Lot,’ is a collaboration between artist Mike Ritt, and artist John Dolan, both residents of Wapeaks.

It’s the second in a series of public art videos that Ritter has created with his residents, and the first one was filmed at the Waco Community College parking lot in March.

The Wapecks also have a few spots for residents to rent, including a few open spaces, as well as a few spaces for free.

The video features a series or series of shots, including one of a group of four people sitting in front a car parked in front.

Ritt and Dolan start to walk out into the parking lot and then back in, as they begin to take in the view of Wapack Country and the surrounding area.

They stop and look around as they look at their surroundings.

They also take in a couple of different spots, including the front door of a house and a driveway.

“This is one of the areas that has the best views in Wackacook,” Ritt said.

“This is a real community.”

In one shot, a woman is seen looking out the window of a car at a park on Wapekins Prairie.

A few cars pass by and Ritter and Danko notice the woman is taking in the views.

“She’s so relaxed,” Ritch said.

“It’s a beautiful, peaceful place.

It doesn’t get any more peaceful than that.”