How to deal with a man who claims to be a police officer?

On Friday, a man claiming to be an Indian police officer took to Twitter to post about a video he says shows him shooting at a man with a rifle in a Chicago street.

In the video, which was shared on a number of social media platforms, a police vehicle can be seen following the man through the intersection of North Van Buren and West Belmont avenues, where the man allegedly tried to rob a woman.

The man’s claim that he was a police constable and the police officer in the video have not been verified by the police department.

However, the man in the Twitter video posted Friday night said that he “just shot a guy in the face and that’s it.”

“I did not do anything wrong,” he said in the tweet.

“He (the officer) got away, but he was arrested by police.”

The officer who shot the video said in a video posted on Friday that he did not see the man but could hear the gunshots from the street.

“We saw him walking down the street, the video shows him running towards the police car and he ran into the police vehicle,” the officer, who requested anonymity, said.

“I was on the phone with a colleague and I was looking at him and I heard a couple of shots,” he added.

The officer said that as he approached the scene, the suspect “stopped” and fell to the ground, where he “struggled” to breathe.

The suspect was taken to a hospital and is in stable condition, the officer said.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Police Department’s internal affairs department is investigating the incident and the department has not issued any public statement.