How to avoid the U.S. border and the border tax: a guide

Posted by Daily News UK on Saturday, February 10, 2019 06:39:08The U.K. government’s border tax is the biggest domestic tax in Europe and has become a major issue for U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres as he pushes to pass a treaty to end it.

The tax will be implemented next month, but it is expected to increase by as much as 25 percent on the current year.

The tax, which applies to goods and services imported from overseas, was designed to help Britain’s struggling economy as it faces an economy recession and a sharp drop in exports.

The U.L.S.-led European Union imposed the border-tax last year after it took over the former British territory of Gibraltar.

The U,L.P. has already introduced a border-related tax in the U,S.A. and in many other EU countries, but the border levy has been a major source of contention with many in the European Union.