How to avoid getting stuck in the traffic jam of a major highway

Posted January 06, 2018 04:09:08 When it comes to being stuck in traffic, it can be even worse than you think.

The news media is reporting that a woman in Michigan has been struck and killed by a vehicle while trying to cross Interstate 4.

Police say the woman, whose name has not been released, was traveling west on I-4 in Grand Rapids, Michigan when she was hit by a driver in a white Nissan Sentra.

The woman died at the scene.

We have to say, this is a pretty bad thing for a woman to do.

It is also a bad thing to have happen, particularly at night.

However, there are a few ways to avoid being hit and killed.

The first and most important is to slow down.

The Sentra driver may have gotten out of the way or be distracted, so don’t try to make it seem like you are moving at a fast pace.

Keep your eyes open, keep your hands out of your pockets, and don’t make it look like you need to move.

That is a good rule of thumb to follow if you need help navigating through traffic.

You may also want to wear headphones or earbuds, because the Sentra may be doing something to your hearing that you may not be aware of.

If you can hear the sound of the Sentron and see the white Nissan, that could be a sign that you need more attention.

Another important thing is to listen closely.

The more you listen, the more you can help yourself.

Listen to your surroundings, make eye contact, and remember that this is not a car that is going to hit you.

If your Sentra is in the median, make sure you’re paying attention to the road ahead, or you may end up going through the median and going through a curve, which could cause a head-on collision.

Stay alert and listen for signs that you are in danger.

Keep in mind that there are other cars that are in the same lane.

If the driver of the car behind you suddenly changes lanes, try to slow or change lanes, but remember that your vehicle may be moving in the opposite direction.

If this happens, you need a little bit more patience.

Try to remember that you can turn left or right to avoid hitting a car or a pedestrian.

Don’t just stop.

If all else fails, you should try to turn back around.

Remember that you will need to slow and change lanes again in the next few minutes, so be patient.

Once you are back on the highway, be aware that there may be some more cars ahead of you, so stay in the lane.

You will be crossing the centerline and, in the case of an emergency, the road could turn left, right, or go into a curve.

Keep an eye out for pedestrians and try to stay alert.

Keep moving!