House passes bill allowing military to seize ‘hostile’ US websites

POLITICO title Military to seize U.S. websites: House GOP article POLITICO: Military to take control of “hostile” websites as part of “legitimate” war against ISIS, GOP leaders said Thursday.

The House voted 238-177 to pass the bill, which would authorize the Department of Defense to seize websites that the U.A.E. considers a threat to national security and to impose sanctions on those that are used for propaganda.

The legislation was part of a larger package of legislation that includes sanctions against the Islamic State, a group the United States says it is fighting.

Rep. Jim McGovern, D-Mass., who is sponsoring the bill with Rep. David Cicilline, D,R., and Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., said it is necessary because the U,A.C.S., has not been able to fully address the threat posed by the Islamic state.

The bill includes a provision to expand a military order to authorize the seizure of “unlawful” sites, and would expand that order to include sites deemed “hostiles” to the U.,A.T., including the Uighur, Tibetan and Afghan minorities.

The provision does not extend to sites operated by U.K.-based websites.

The language would also allow the Pentagon to seize any website owned or operated by a foreign government, which could include sites owned by the Chinese or Russians.

The measure would allow for a court-martial of anyone involved in the production or distribution of the materials.

It is a first step in a long-running battle between Congress and the Obama administration to ensure that the military can effectively fight the group that calls itself ISIS and has vowed to wage war against the United Sates.

It comes as President Donald Trump’s administration is taking aim at websites that are critical of the U.

“The administration’s recent effort to remove critical online content from the Internet comes after months of pressure from Congress and others, including a bipartisan group of lawmakers and advocacy groups, to take a more forceful stand against extremist propaganda.

While some websites are still available on the Web, the administration has taken a hard line against sites that provide information critical of Islam, and has targeted sites that do not.

But in recent weeks, it has been targeting websites that provide critical analysis of the Trump administration, a White House official said.

Last week, the White House launched an effort to shut down websites that criticize the administration.

The government is seeking to seize the sites of several media outlets including The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Associated Press and Breitbart News, which are viewed as critical of Trump and his administration.

Reporters Without Borders, an international human rights organization, has called on the U.-S.

government to investigate the sites for their reporting on human rights violations.

The White House has said the administration is looking into the sites, but has not said what the investigation is looking at.

Repubs were angered by the Trump White House’s decision to label websites critical of President Trump a foreign entity.

A senior administration official said last week that the administration was not looking to prosecute sites.