Former president’s body found in Philippines

SAN BERNARDINO, Philippines – Former president Ferdinand Marcos, who was ousted by a military coup in 1986, has been found dead at his villa in the northern province of Davao.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) said the body was discovered Sunday morning at a house where he was staying.

His son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., confirmed his father’s death to the Associated Press.

The former president, who ruled for nearly two decades from 1986 to 1986, was one of the Philippines’ most prominent and controversial politicians, who died in 1992.

He was also the first president to have his head shaved.

Marcos was a staunch Communist who opposed the U.S. intervention in Vietnam and the U-2 spy plane that flew spy missions over the Philippines during World War II.

He died of a heart attack while sitting in his luxury home in Manila, and his body was later exhumed.

He also had a daughter, Roxana, who served as a senator and later was elected mayor of Davan.

A memorial service will be held for him in the city of Davos, on Jan. 7.

He had lived in the country since 1981 and was buried at the Presidential Palace in Manila.