Colorado: A look at the new rules for marijuana dispensaries that are coming to town

A group of Colorado marijuana dispensaries are gearing up to open this week, as the state’s new marijuana laws go into effect.

But there are a few things that should keep your eyes peeled as you head out to shop for pot.

Here are five things you should know about the new law:The law takes effect Jan. 1, 2016.

There will be a limit on how much people can buy per person per day.

That is, stores must only sell to those 21 and older.

But stores can sell to any age and can serve customers age 21 and up.

All pot shops are allowed to sell pot to adults, who must be 21 or older.

And if you buy weed from a pot shop, you must get a doctor’s note from a licensed physician to sign for it.

The state of Colorado has a strict definition of marijuana that means the plant is a controlled substance, meaning the substance is less harmful than alcohol and is not considered a schedule one drug.

That means people who use marijuana for medical purposes or to relieve chronic pain will be able to legally buy and consume the drug.

The bill also allows the use of medicinal marijuana, which is considered a controlled drug and has been used in a number of states.

This means you can use it for medical or recreational purposes.

The law also allows adults to grow their own pot and sell it for a fee.

And a $15,000 cap on sales and fees means shops can’t charge more than that to cover the cost of equipment.

Marijuana can be grown in a variety of ways, including in the sun, under the shade of trees or in a greenhouse.

And the law allows marijuana shops to sell their product in any form.

The only people who are not allowed to buy pot are those who have a medical condition, such as a serious disease or injury.

This includes people who have been arrested for certain crimes or are currently incarcerated.

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