An American billionaire is looking to fund the next generation of technology entrepreneurs

An American investor is hoping to fund a generation of American technology entrepreneurs.

In a video posted to Facebook on Tuesday, Mark Zuckerberg called on people to start investing in the next wave of tech entrepreneurs.

“If you’re one of these young people who’s trying to get your first startup funded, I hope you have a plan,” Zuckerberg said.

Zuckerberg said his message was a call to action, saying that investing in a young entrepreneur “is one of the biggest ways to build a business.”

“This is not just about the next person who comes along,” he said.

“This is about building a business that makes a difference.”

Zuckerburg said the first step is getting a young person to commit to the idea.

“Make it your mission to do it, even if it’s just a little bit,” he told the crowd.

“It’s the next thing.”

He also said it’s important to focus on the early stages of the idea, instead of just the next company to get funded.

“I know you’re looking for a way to be a part of something that’s going to make a difference, but you’re not going to find that by just buying shares,” he added.

“Instead, you have to work to build an idea that will make a huge difference for people.”

Zuckberg made the announcement in his Facebook Live video, which was also shared on Instagram and Facebook.

Zuckerberg’s company is using a technology called artificial intelligence to help make the next waves of tech start-ups.

The Facebook Live stream is the latest in a string of events to help fuel the next batch of technology companies.

Last week, Zuckerberg announced that Facebook had raised $25 million in funding to build the next phase of its artificial intelligence technology, known as the DeepMind AI.

In May, he also announced a partnership with Google to help build artificial intelligence software for the next decade.

Last week, Facebook announced that it had raised more than $20 million in new funding from the likes of Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

In October, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to open up his company to venture capitalists and start-up investors.

In May, Zuckerberg launched his “Founders Fund” initiative.

It’s a new program that will help fund young companies that can’t be funded by traditional venture capital firms.

Zuckerberg said that his goal is to “help these young companies find a path to profitability and success.”

Zuckerberg said he’s looking to help young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs start their own companies.

Zuckerberg also said he has a “long-term goal” of helping start-Ups and other technology start-Users get off the ground.

The announcement comes as Facebook has faced criticism over the way it handles allegations of bias against certain news outlets.

In January, Facebook began a review of the content and policies of News Feed, a social network that has become a mainstay of many news consumption and news consumption apps.

Facebook said it had been unable to fully address the issue until the end of March, when it had found that News Feed’s algorithms were biased against some groups of people.

The review, called the “reopening” of NewsFeed, included a request for feedback from “everybody” on Facebook about how it could be improved, Zuckerberg said on Tuesday.

The goal of the review is to better understand what is happening in News Feed.

The company has said it has removed some bias-related content from its site and will soon make changes to how News Feed handles user feedback.