A gunman shot dead three police officers during a robbery at a downtown Detroit convenience store, authorities say

Three Detroit police officers were fatally shot during a shootout with a gunman outside a downtown convenience store in southwest Michigan on Monday, authorities said.

The shooting happened about 1:15 p.m. outside the Rite Aid in the 1300 block of West Monroe Street.

Police said two officers, who were not injured, were shot as they responded to a report of a robbery, and a second officer was shot in the abdomen.

Both officers were taken to a hospital, but both were later pronounced dead.

Detroit Police Department spokeswoman Jennifer Ciaccia said in a statement the officers were shot during the confrontation and the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

The officers were patrolling in a patrol car when the suspect pulled out a handgun and demanded their money, Ciaccian said.

The suspect then fired multiple shots, striking the officer in the chest, Ciacci said.

Officers shot the suspect three times before the shooting was subdued, Ciaglia said.

It was not immediately clear whether the officers had been armed at the time.

Police were not immediately releasing any other details about the incident.

The officers were wearing body cameras, and they are now on paid administrative leave.